Boardmans Support Education for All!

At Boardmans we’re all for female empowerment, so last month we were delighted to show our support for Education for All, a charity which helps girls from rural communities in Morocco access secondary education.

Many girls from remote villages have to walk several kilometers through the High Atlas Mountains every day to reach their nearest school, meaning that very few end up continuing their education. To help tackle this, Education for All builds and runs boarding houses next to the local schools which provide weekly accommodation, warm showers when possible and 3 basic meals a day, free of charge.

These young girls are pioneers, and are determined to succeed and create a with opportunities for themselves and their families. Without secondary education, many of the girls (some as young as 14) have few options other than to get married and most never experience a life outside their village.

As soon as we heard about the great work Education for All was doing to support the girls, we knew we had to reach out and get involved. 

High above Morocco, the conditions in the Atlas Mountains can be cold, windy and extremely exposed so we donated lots of warm, knitted items such as hats, gloves and scarves to keep all the girls warm on their journey to and from their lodgings.

We hope that the donation will provide some comfort to the girls as they continue their education and inspire others to do the same.
Visit our Instagram to see our donation being received and don’t forget to check out the Education for All website to find out how you can get involved in the incredible work they do…


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