Boardmans: The One to Watch!

Since beginning our journey during 1925 in the heart of Manchester’s hatting district, we have evolved from a modest, family run business, to become a dedicated design powerhouse; providing a long-term company philosophy, which retailers can rely on. With our latest collaboration of the Alice Hannah London label, adding another chapter to Boardmans growing success story, we have utilised our position in the industry as an evolving entrepreneurial supplier; creating ‘Inspirational British Design’ global brands and boutiques can trust.

With our upcoming Autumn Winter collection capturing an essence, for warm and eclectic couture fashion, our ­cleverly designed trend titles of Danish Girl, Urban Gypsy, Urban Street, Glam, Sporty Girl, Wilderness, and Modern Luxury, emphasises our ability to make and create a variety of quality female accessories; which reflect both careful planning and intelligent design. Utilising Alice Hannah’s premium reputation, with expensive lamb’s wool and elegant fur yarns, this year Boardmans and the Alice Hannah brand, both demonstrate how affordable luxury and high-end fashion accessories can come together in one collaborative company; for customers looking to buy a little something special this Autumn Winter season.

As our menswear tailored goods also focus on New Heritage, Recharged, and Minimal Luxe trend titles, Boardmans menswear collection dominates the meaning of traditional simplicity; from the way we’ve added a touch of urban street style fashion, into timeless Harris-tweed trend hats. Using acrylic wool, suede caps and sophisticated cable knits, we have embraced our company’s attractive ethos in seeking past and present inspiration, to keep our supplier image so up-to-date; from experimenting with new materials, new designs, and new technique this frosty year.

With the uniqueness of our overall brand’s inspiration brought to life by exclusive yarns, embellishments, and ethnicity, Boardmans stays true to their word when saying “passion is portrayed in everything we do” and the Chief Executive Philip Wright’s vision of the Boardmans and Alice Hannah trademark has never been forgotten; “to exceed expectations with design being the heart of our business home”.

With the likes of other collections such as Elegance and Spring Summer, also making an appearance at Spring Fair and the MODA Show, our exquisite feather, and floral infusions in each collection, both synchronise with their photography surroundings of soft beach textures and artistic city tones.

Therefore, don’t forget to come and see us this February for a flavour of what’s come from Boardmans this 2017 year. We can deliver, source and supply your company at the drop of a hat.

If you are interested in viewing any of our eclectic collections from Boardmans and the Alice Hannah London label, we will be exhibiting at:

INDX MENSWEAR: Feb 1st-2nd in Cranmore Park, Birmingham

SPRING FAIR: Feb 5th-9th (Hall 19-20 | Stand 20L37-K32) at the NEC, Birmingham

INDX WOMENSWEAR: Feb 8th-10th in Cranmore Park, Birmingham

MODA: Feb 19th-21st (Hall 19-20 | Stand X7) at the NEC, Birmingham

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