Copenhagen and Stockholm Shopping

Another season, another shopping trip for our designers at Boardman’s.

First stop Copenhagen! After a 3 hour delay at Manchester Airport, a hotel check in and a bag drop, it was time to hit the main shopping street, Stroget. A glorious 1.1km stretch of shops to explore.


copehnhagen 1

Arms already laden with bags by midday, it was time to stop for a refuelling lunch, in the beautiful old town of Nyhavn.



We even pounded the pavements to the outskirts to visit some nice boutiques.

After all the walking round we wished we’d taken part in the local riding culture, especially when we saw this lime green bike, you wouldn’t miss us whizzing past!


Unfortunately as Boardman’s shoppers, the bike basket wasn’t bit enough to fit all our bags in…


Our feet may have been tiring and our arms laden down with bags, but didn’t stop us enjoying the local arts, here’s some sculptures we spotted between the shops.

copehnhagen6 copehnhagen7

Next stop, the capital, Stockholm!

We wasted no time and bright and early made our way to the main shopping street. We enjoyed a long walk to the old town Island, with Sodermalm, the vintage shopping area in our sights! stockholm 2

After walking up and down the steep streets of Stockholm, it was time for lunch, at this cool retro burger bar!

stockholm 3

After Burgers in a retro bar we hit the shops again, seems its not only the burger bars who have caught the retro fever, the local Urban Outfitters are getting involved too!

stockholm 4

Our successful shopping trip was rounded off nicely, as we were treated to some Scandinavian sunshine!

stockholm 5

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