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With 90 years of heritage behind the brand and aspirations to evolve in seasons to come, Boardmans is a multi-faceted purveyor of all things accessories. Marketing consultant Anaiz Henvey reveals what lies instore for retailers ahead of this season’s Moda, and its plans to carve out a whole new niche with its exciting new collaboration with London designer Alice Hannah.

Q: What is the Boardmans label all about? 
A: For 90 years now, Boardmans has evolved in distributing both fashion forward and functional designs, which has led to us being recognised as a dynamic yet distinctive supplier. We have adapted over the years in line with a unique and innovative strategy to remain at the forefront of the accessories sector for over nine decades. Our latest addition of the premium Alice Hannah collection – which is new to the Boardman Brothers Design family – is an example of how we are consistently evolving.

Q: What can visitors expect to see when you launch Alice Hannah at this season’s show? 
With Alice Hannah and Boardmans’ big launch date set to show their collaborated, a/w 17 collections this year at Moda, we plan to showcase the best of what Boardmans has to offer internationally. With Alice Hannah’s world-wide approach already selling on a global spectrum [the brand was established as a London designer in its own right in 2007], we hope to expand on our business entity, and entice more customers from across overseas; to spread our company ambition in providing quality fashion accessories with inspirational British design. Utilising Alice Hannah’s premium reputation with expensive lamb’s wool and elegant fur yarns, this year Boardmans and the Alice Hannah brand demonstrate both affordable luxury and high-end fashion accessories; for customers looking for a little something special this Autumn Winter season.

Q: What about the wider a/w 17 collection? 
A: It captures an essence of warm and eclectic couture fashion. Our ¬cleverly-designed trend titles of Danish Girl, Urban Gypsy, Urban Street, Glam, Sporty Girl, Wilderness, and Modern Luxury emphasise our ability to make and create quality female accessories.

As our menswear tailored goods also focus on New Heritage, Recharged, and Minimal Luxe trend titles, Boardmans male collection dominates the meaning of traditional simplicity. Using acrylic wool, suede caps and sophisticated cable knits, we have embraced our company’s attractive ethos in seeking past and present inspiration to keep our brand image up-to-date.

Q: What has been your most popular style this autumn? 
A: Our pompom beanies such as Paige, Gigi and Connie, have proven to be a popular choice for this retail season. This is because our touches of sparkle and faux fur trends have highlighted our ability to make and create custom fashion accessories, which gives our customers a little something extra for their ranges this autumn / winter season.

Q: What sort of presence do you have across the UK?
A: Our company ethos is all about creating inspirational British design, and we have earned our established name in the UK industry. Since beginning our journey during 1925 in the heart of Manchester’s hatting district to supplying the likes of global brands, independent boutiques, and traditional retail outlets all over the UK, we have utilised our position as a knowledgeable fashion design company and have created a trustworthy business philosophy that retailers can rely on. Therefore, with our current British market already set up for success, Boardmans face new challenges in growing their global business prospects, from already obtaining connections in our China office, and from our current significant status in the UK alone.

Q: How integral is the show to your business?
A: MODA brings new marketing opportunities to Boardmans as a growing supplier. It allows us to connect with new potential buyers, customers, and observe how competitors are establishing themselves in such an evolving industry. Moda also carries a sense of a strong company status across many channels of the fashion industry, which is one of the reasons why we keep returning year upon year. Moda benefits our overall company strategy from its brand association, and its authentic approach in the industry, which is labelled as being the place to go of where fashion comes together.

Therefore, don’t forget to come and see our new A/W 17 collection for both Boardmans and Alice Hannah London, at MODA in the NEC BIRMINGHAM, during Sunday 19th Feb – Tuesday 21st Feb – HALL 19-20 | STAND X7 🙂

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