Winter Chic: Hats

The great thing about them is that they are the first thing you see, there are hundreds of different sizes, different colours and different brims, all the textures and designs to make your head piece your statement look or you hair rescuer!

It’s not about the ‘coolest’ hat but more of how you style it, so what style of hat is yours? From Fedora’s to Beanie’s, there is a hat for everyone and this post is dedicated to show you all our favourites from Autumn Winter 2015 and there are some fabulous candidates.

The Fedora.



There’s almost no need to describe the Fedora, the classiest of them all. Adding the simplest sophistication and the boldest statement, winning over the tailored woman. This piece is found in New look with a more oversized floppy.









The Beanie.

Dolce & Gabbana


The easiest of them all, the hero for those days you don’t have time to straighten your hair, just a simple slip on and you are good to go! This is the most glamorous of the beanies, not just because it costs £645 from Dolce & Gabbana. But for the beautiful embellishment and the soft cashmere made in Italy.








The Trapper.



Trapper Hats, not the most glamorous, but most definitely the cosiest and essential among the cold winters. This Madewell & Owen Barry Shearling Trapper Hat costs £115, made in England from the British craftspeople, from the finest quality sheepskin you couldn’t say no to.









The Bobble Hat.



An upgrade from the beanie. With all the different styles, the one to have this season is the oversized faux fur bobble. Adding a more desirable look to a casual wardrobe. This eye-catching bobble hat is found in Topshop for £14. The bright orange knit brightens up the darkest morning and the dullest of outfits.







The Wool Cap.

Charlotte Simone

The fashion forward hat of Autumn Winter 2015, seen on the serious fashionista’s – the wool cap. Available with or without poms, but where is the fun without them? This piece could be worn with any casual outfit, or if dared up enough with an all-black tailored look. You can find this key piece on Charlotte Simone at £125.

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